Special Components Turners

for heavy and / or unhandily Components

Turning stations for special components usually are used for turning of big and heavy components with often very unhandy dimensions.

They either can be used as "stand alone solution" or they can be integrated into production lines, like for example in production of wind energy systems or equipment for mining.

Production of big serial products, like trucks, harvesters and wind energy systems, are more and more switched to flow production lines and where needed, turning stations are integrated into these lines. Transport of those products from station to station usually is done by industrial trucks. These can be flatbed transporters which transport the products on so called "assembly and transport pallets".  

By this reason turning stations for big or special components often are 2-columns-constructions and the transporting industrial trucks can drive through the station, between the columns, or they are served by one truck for delivery and another truck for removal of the product. They do enter the area of  the turning station one after the other. 

The turning station will pick up the product up from the first industrial truck, lift it to a certain height, turn it as requested and afterwards lay it down again onto the industrial truck. 

Turning stations for big and / or special components also are available as 1-column-constructions, for example for turning work during production of generators and gearboxes. These turning stations usually are single position systems and are served with the needed components by means of industrial trucks.

In any case turning of all kinds of heavy or big products or components by means of turning stations is much more safe for the employees, the equipment and the products than turning the components by overhead cranes. It minimizes the risk of bodily harm as well as the risk of damage of the product.

Please indicate to us your request for turning of your products or any kind of heavy and / or special component. We will be happy to provide you with a proposal for solution of the turning task and to establish a budgetary quotation.

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